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Today is June 7, 2015, so much has happened in the years since my last update here. On February 28,2014 I suffered a Heart Attack. Probably one of scariest events of my life but deeply grateful that the Lord has spared me. So because of Him I am here today and able to give Him praise. We are enjoying the warm months of summer here in Georgia as we watch the spring like weather fade. I hope all are enjoying the blessings of our great God!

All art and writings are copyrighted by me and may not be copied or used without permission. !!

"For I know my thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will harken unto you. And ye shall seek me and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:11-13

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Barbara Carlan is a self taught artist living in the southeast. She was born in Washington D.C., was primarily raised in the panhandle of Florida and traveled all over southeastern United States and parts of Washington state as a child of the military. Barbara from an early age showed a passionate interest in art. She began painting and writing poetry in the late 1980's. Now that her life is free from the responsibilities of parenting and the necessary demands of having a growing family, she's able to pursue her true passions, painting, writing, photography and sewing. Barbara has discovered through art that life with it's complexities can find a sweet fragrance of release through the creative process.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Moments Meant For Keeping"

Crystal pearls on blades of grass, dance in early light,
while finely feathered voices sing, to praise the morning bright.
Harmonies of natures songs are heard while all are sleeping,
given to the dawn of day, as moments meant for keeping.
Rythmic chimes of a mantle clock, broadcast a new days dawn,
while sleep filled eyes, pull under wraps, to keep from morning sun.
Gently morning rises up, to invite the world now sleeping,
come enjoy lifes early praise, their moments meant for keeping!
Written By: Barbara A. Carlan

Monday, June 29, 2009

"What Shall The Righteous Do"

Broken dreams, a furrowed brow, a tissue soaked by tears
Empty hands, shattered hopes, from toils throughout the years.
Folks torn apart by endless lies and empty promises.
Wrought gapeing holes in human hearts, of houses we now live.
If the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?
Place your burdens at His feet, the Savior calleth you!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Appointment In Prayer"

Sweetly and softly He calls to me, from my deepest sleep.
Awake my child, my Savior bids, please come and dine with me.
I've made a place here for you, the table has now been set.
So wake up sleepy child of mine, our time you can't forget.
Smell the fragrance of the Bread, I've prepared for you.
Drink of living waters still and find your strength renewed.
Heaven's Breads aromas are now filling mornings room.
Come awake sweet child of mine, your Saviors calling you!

Written By: Barbara A. Carlan 6/2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009


"When we view all of life through the lense of a grateful heart, we are able to see more clearly the true riches we possess daily."
Barbara A. Carlan 6/2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

"Simple Things"

"When we stop to enjoy the simple things in life, there will be no opportunity to concern ourselves with the chaos going on around us." Barbara A. Carlan
Pencil Drawing:"Fancy The Rooster"
Artist, Barbara A. Carlan


Hens and chicks in barnyard dance, begin their morning struts. Joe rooster blows his cock a doodle do, while kiddies stretch and fuss.
The sun peeks through the eastern dawn, declaring day's new light,while birdies harmonize in praise to dismiss the darkest night. Dew sparkles in the early light, like golden diadems, as gems enhanced by sunly rays, to crown a kingly king. Brilliant floral colors, kissed by the new days damp, while smallest creatures in playful romp, they daily food will hunt. The grazing deer in meadows green enjoy their morning meal, tree's seem to stretch in arms of praise, for Heaven's glory still. Her cooling breezes kiss the air, to awaken all who sleep, come and greet earth's early sun, partake in morning feast. Smells of foods prepared by those of gentle graceful hands, fills every room with flavors, that cause kiddies to rise and stand. See the the facets of the morning, smell her fragrance sweet, receive the gifts she's come to give and taste her morsals treats. Hear her gentle music played on timbrels of the winds, arranged by cords of natures limbs, her message she will send. The symphonic chorus of mornings song cries awake to early sun, rise and shine come meet with me, to greet the early dawn!

Written By Barbara A. Carlan 5/15/1997

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Take Me Back"

Lord, I wanna go back to some simpler times,when a scoop of ice cream, cost only a dime.
When you could buy candy for just a penny,and the cheeks of my fanny were really skinny.
I want to have time for a front porch swing, and try to slot nickles just to get me a ring.
Like maybe a walk in the park with some friends or discover a bow after pouring down rain.
A time when kids played with marbles and jax and liked to leap frogs by jumping your back.
Let me have moments to search through the clouds for those mean ugly lions and tigers that growl.
I wanna go back to when families all ate the table then snuggled at sundown to laugh and read fables.
When kids in pajama's gathered close in the evening,to hear scary stories that would start them to screaming.
I'd like to watch movies at Drive-In Theaters and fall sound asleep on our drive home much later.
To again know the comfort of dad's arms carrying me as I lay in his clasp, while my minds fast asleep.
I wanna play hopscotch with my sisters and brothers and feel those warm hugs as mom tucks me in covers.
To again hear the laughter of my sweet parents at play and smell mom's dinner cooking at the end of the day.
I'd like to go back when dad's prayed on their knees and their children were taught to say pretty please!
When kids wouldn't think, of talking back to their mothers nor steal from their neighbors, in the night under cover.
Lord, I wanna go back to those simplier times, when my worries were few and life seem to be fine.
A time when our families use to spend time together and talk to each other, about more than the weather!

Written by: Barbara A. Carlan 5/8/2009

"The Dreamer"

A wingless flight through the imagination
escorts the dreamer to heavenly stations
Where the rainbow sunset embraces the skies
and the eagles soar in air currents of flight
In the magical wonders of his mysterious dreams
he phantoms of places that he only see's
Where illusional paradise kissed by the dew
leads the dreamer to quell, every fear he knew
The quiet reflections in his delusional crate
transports him to vista's, where stillness awaits
In visions of grandure, he imagines new world's
where there he's the mistral of regions untold
Those dreamlike excursions, to his whimsical places
grants the dreamer a respite, from realities traces
In his mental libations of intoxicant dreams
the cretin is rescued from life with it's schemes
Then he's suddenly jolted, from his mystical place
by sounds of one screaming, there's deadlines to make
He awakens to realize, he was just having a dream
and the boss isn't pleased by his escaping the scene!

Written by: Barbara A. Carlan 6/19/2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Toy Railway Express"

"Toy Railway Express," has been a favorite for both the young and the old. Trains are a favorite of mine and you'll often find them in my paintings and drawings. The drawing was done in 11/2003 and the original is still available for sale nicely framed in a beautiful hand painted folkart frame. The original is done on vellum. Also available for purchase 16x20 lithograph prints @ $40.00 each.

"Hometown USA"

This is my first painting done in 1992. I still own the original and have sold several giclee prints. There's something special about your first anything and this painting has been a favorite for me. The inspiration was simply my love for small town America and simplier way of life.